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Well, naturally, my lifelong fear of “all things medical” includes the dentist. Let me give you some supporting history- Since we were poor growing up, we had to go to the Santa Fe Community College Dental School for our annual checkups/cleanings. I think it was free, or maybe just dirt cheep. So we had students “learning” on our teeth, mostly young females earning their degrees in dental hygiene (who, coincidentally, always seemed to have really big brunette hair and lots of aquamarine eyeliner. i guess that was in style back then) They said “oops!” a lot, which is not a comforting word to hear when someone is holding a sharp metal instrument to your gums. These excruciating visits took several hours and included lots of metal on bone scraping, big needles and drills.

Due to these haunting dental memories, I had not been to the dentist since my 16th birthday. For those of you math flunkies, that’s 14 years without a pro exam on my grill. Of course, after the nightmare medical funhouse I had been through with my pericardio surgeries, the dentist, by comparison, seemed like a trip to Disney. So when my mom found 2 coupons for a free dental exam by a holistic dentist, I decided to join her.

I soon discovered that there has been much technological advancement in the field of dentistry in the last 1.5 decades. The most embarrassing new gadgetry being the tiny mouth-camera and the subsequent movie of your nasty mouth that is displayed on a giant flat screen monitor for the viewing pleasure of yourself and the entire dental staff. Mine was a horror film starring 7 cavities, plaque and gingivitis.

Then there was the little mouth xray device you bite down on. According to the dentist, it only emits 1/90th of the radiation of a normal xray, and the pics magically appear in an instant on a nearby computer monitor. Very cool. But my favorite part of the visit was this toothbrush.


It wraps around your teeth for a deep clean. I will never use another model of toothbrush ever again! Unfortunately, you can only order them online from the Benedent Corp. This tooth brush is life altering. It’s like giving your teeth a hug. You will not be disappointed. Works quite well with my Tom’s of Maine fluoride-free toothpaste. Sorry to sound like Debbie Downer here people, but fluoride is bad for you. Look it up.


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