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I just got back from my oncologist. The bone mets are getting significantly worse and there is now a 3cm tumor on my liver. Although there are no tumors in my lungs there is “central peribronchial thickening and mild parahilar ground-glass infiltration on the left” whatever the hell that means.

They still don’t know what exactly is causing the coughing, it could be the medical jargon quoted above. There is also some cancer and inflammation on my mediastinum that could be a factor. There is no fluid accumulation. There is no obvious big sack of fluid to drain.

My hormone tests from both my oncologist and my nutritionist revealed the same thing- my estradiol (the bad, tumor-feeding kind of estrogen) is sky high. It is at PRE menopausal levels. All my other hormones (including the good estrogens) are super low. Why the estradiol is so out of whack nobody knows but I have a theory-

I’ve been taking thyroid supplements as part of the Gerson protocol. I recently read that thyroid hormone can convert testosterone to estradiol. My oncologist confirmed that this is correct. I stopped the thyroid 3 days ago so now I am just waiting. My doctor and I agreed that I should probably try an aromatase inhibitor. I got a rx but I am going to wait a month before I take it to see if things don’t straighten out with my recent revelations. The aromatase inhibitor (Femera) would decrease the conversion of other hormones into estrogens.

Here is the GOOD NEWS- my tumor markers only went up a couple of points. How is it possible to grow a 3cm tumor and have new bone lesions with almost no increase in tumor markers? I’ll tell you how- I think things got really bad immediately following the oophorectomy. My tumor markers were probably sky high and things were probably even worse than what shows on the scans. I think they are coming back down and things are shrinking. The surgery and all the drugs that came with it f-ed everything up for a time.

I am STILL going to heal completely and the low markers are proof. That said I am going to need lots of prayers and love and visualizations of my perfect health. Know it in your heart that I will be healed that I AM healed. You guys rock. Don’t worry about me, I am going to beat it. My belief is half the battle.


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