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Ok, here’s the deal-

my ca27.29 (breast cancer tumor marker) is up 5 points. It is now 61. My CEA (generic tumor marker) is also up to 6.1 (I think the last one was 4.) This kind of matched my recent feelings of increased fatigue and some mild achyness. To be perfectly honest I haven’t been as diligently following my protocol. I have been overdoing the bad stuff. First off, I went and got highlights in my hair. I almost instantly regretted this as I could smell the chemicals lingering on my head for almost a week. I’ve increased my intake of fruit significantly (which would explain why my glucose was very high, out of range even.) I’ve increased my intake of coconut oil, I haven’t been eating as much salad, I went in the salt water 4x (salt water is a no-no for gersoners), I’ve slathered sunscreen and bug spray on and except for those saltwater outings, I haven’t been out in the healing sun as much in general (just too damn hot and muggy this time of year.)

So my plan now goes as follows:

No more fruit

No more coconut oil

No more tea

3 coffee enemas a day (I was doing 1)

qigong (I had stopped going)

skin brushing 1x a day (not once a week)

15 minutes of sun every day

daily (not weekly) injections of b12 and liver

no more jarring the juice for later (kills the enzymes)

I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have somehow subconsciously made the markers go up for fear of losing my disability. Obviously there is no way I can work and do Gerson therapy. I will need to continue my routine for at the very least one year after I am cancer-fee. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not recognize what I am doing as therapy. Luckily, my doctor told me today that he will tell disability whatever I he needs to so that I don’t get cut off. I guess I have been having a good deal of financial stress. Our mortgage payment went up $300 (mostly from taxes) and my health insurance costs have tripled. Groceries keep going up as well. I wish that insurance paid for Gerson therapy or IV C therapy but it does not. I know that money should never dictate my health. Health is way more valuable than money. Not to sound too macabre, but I always say you can’t make any money when you are dead. I am going to tighten it up and go back for blood work on the 18th.  My follow up with the doc is on the 26th. I know I can straighten this out and somehow figure out how to slowly find my way back to the working world. Thanks for all of your love and support. Please do not worry about me, I know I can do this.


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cheap secret

My niece and nephew (12 and 6) are visiting for the week so I will have to go and play in a moment but I have to share this, it’s too amazing- My quest for the perfect healthy deodorant that actually WORKS is over, after spending hundreds of dollars and committing millions of offenses to the olfactory nerves of the masses. Thanks to a fellow CSLer who responded to my discussion about my quest to de-funk, the solution was in my kitchen all along! Thank you Sonya and thank you passionate homemaking.

The recipe:

Mix equal parts cornstarch and baking soda (I used around 1/4 cup each) add coconut oil until you reach a desired consistency (mine is creamy. I eyeballed it but I probably used around 6 tablespoons) Store it in an 8oz ball jar with a lid or an old deodorant dispenser.

It’s mindblowing how well this stuff works. No toxic chemicals, no cancer-causing aluminum, no parabens just natural ingredients. Baking soda, as you probably already know, absorbs odor. Well coconut oil is antimicrobial so it wards off funk-causing bacteria. The cornstarch absorbs moisture. Not only is this recipe the best thing since Secret, it is cheap as hell! And coconut oil has a zillion uses- it’s what I use as a moisturizer and it’s great for you! I put it on wheat-free, yeast-free organic toast with honey when I’m craving something dessert-like. I could go on and on about how healthy it is for you but just google it, there is tons of info out there.

In other news I am doing good. A little tired as usual, a tad achy from time to time but good overall. I have blood tests later on this month so I will know more then. I hope everyone is thriving and basking in the glorious summertime sunshine!

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berry good

Ok, once again I’ve realized that I may have offended some of my readers. In my last post when I said that Gerson therapy includes “no exotic berries that grow on a gold-covered mountains” that was not in reference to goji berries or acai berries, both of which are packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants and are wonderful for you. The comment was more in reference to the marketing tactics of some shady snake oil salesmen out there who will tell you just about anything to make a buck. Thankfully, you do not need to go to a Gerson clinic to do Gerson therapy, nor do you need to buy any “special” formulas. Most supplements one Gerson are pretty common and you can get them from a number of online distributors and stores.

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