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76 is a fantabulously super awesome number. Ok, here comes the math and science- 76 is the number of my CA 27.29, also known as my breast cancer tumor marker. On 1/18/08 my number was 218. So my breast cancer tumor marker is down 66% since January. A normal, cancer-free person scores <38. I AM ALMOST A NORMAL CANCER-FREE PERSON!!!

Also, my generic cancer tumor marker or “CEA” is 5.8. That’s down 76% from 1/18 when it was at 23.9. A normal, cancer-free person scores <2.5 for a non-smoker and <5.0 for a smoker. So my generic cancer marker is about the same as a cancer-free smoker.

My doc said that if I continue to do well I will only need to be scanned once more this year. The doc also explained to me that the cancer in my lungs didn’t show up on any of the last couple of scans. So it is gone!!! This would explain why my cough is pretty much gone.

I was so scared going in yesterday. I had been feeling kind of achy and had a little bit of a sore throat, luckily I found out this is just due to some lingering pollen in the air. My mind was heavy with doubts about my diet- since my last tumor markers I had added more fruit and honey. It is such a relief to know that this did not impair my cancer-killing ability. Phew!

In my last post I said that if my dream came true (ca 60) I would be doing cart wheels. 76 is worth some cartwheels. It is so awesome to be almost better. The next challenge is repairing and rebuilding all the damage that has been done to my frail little granny body. I think it’s time to add some exercise to my routine. Time to celebrate!!! Celebration has changed. We won’t be busting out the champagne or chocolate. But we will bust a move! And maybe some karaoke from Oxygen! on demand. Dorky as this may sound, I do prefer it to going out and making hazy tequila-drenched memories.

My goal is to be completely better by the time there is a new president in the white house. That way I can look back on my breast cancer as a phenomenon of the Bush years. This makes perfect sense to me.


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And now a word from my mother:

As a breast cancer survivor myself–wanting to “take a stand” against breast cancer–and more importantly, as a tribute to Sheila’s courage in conquering this terrible disease that’s running rampant among women of all ages, I have joined the Breast Cancer 3-day. I will be walking 60 miles October 31-November2, 2008 to raise money for the cure. I am required to raise at least $2200.00, but my goal is $5000.00. Please donate to honor a breast cancer survivor or one who has lost the battle. Leave a note on my website or email me her name. My training jacket will display the names of all these brave women who are dear to you. Please click my link to donate www.3daystand.com

My mom’s support has been tremendous. She has made so many sacrifices for me. I know for certain that I owe my life to the amazing strength and love of both my mother and Nathan.

I get the results of the blood work Thursday so I will write an update then.

Thank you Mindy and Eric for the monitor! Now I can get back in the groove.

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I just wanted to let everyone know I am OK. I haven’t written in awhile because our computer monitor kicked the bucket. I am writing now on Nathan’s laptop for work. 


Not much to report. I go in Monday for blood work. I had a really good dream last night that my breast cancer tumor marker was 60. I will be doing cartwheels if this dream comes true. I am a little nervous about the blood work because I have been kind of bad, I have succumbed several time to the crack-like addictive pull of Clif Kid organic twisted fruit rope. It is made from organic apples. Apples are allowed on my diet. This is the logic I use to justify my addiction. If these things are around me, I rapidly devour them until my supply is extinguished.  I have to give them to Nathan to hide in a good spot and have him dole them out to me, one a day. I am like a dog begging for treats. I can not be trusted. Also, I have been drinking the jasmine green tea again. I am so addicted that I have been waking up early because I need my tea, I will lie in bed preoccupied with my longing for the tea. And coconut oil. Sometimes I eat it straight from the jar. Although not Gerson approved, it is allegedly very healthy to eat and works well for dry skin. It very well may be responsible for helping me gain a pound! At least there is that. Although the pound didn’t all land directly on my ass like I had hoped. Yesterday I attempted to buy a swimsuit. Apparently, they don’t make swimsuits for boobs on a stick. It was quite discouraging. I was actually considering looking in the kids department. Usually, this time of year, I am shopping for a suit that makes me look thinner. Now I need one that will cover up my rib bones. They should make swimsuits with padding in the butt. They have boob padding but no butt padding. What’s up with that? Where oh where has my butt gone? Letter to my ass: I am so sorry for all the mean names I called you in my bootylicious years. Please come home. I miss you. I will never ever take you for granted again.


Ok, now there is no need to comment that I should not feel guilty for eating and drinking things not on the diet. I know this. I hear it every day from Nathan. There is just a severely addictive aspect of my personality that I need to keep an eye on. Moderation has always been a struggle for me.


I wish I could get out there and see all of you. For now I am tethered to the life support of my Norwalk juicer. At 72lbs, it is not exactly portable. I know my life is not that exciting but please know that you are all welcomed and encouraged to visit. I miss you all so much. I feel like I am on another planet.

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